Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My 2016 Olympic Campaign Journey

With the Olympics being on, I was thinking:

 Are there any sports in Australia that we are so bad at but still enter that I would have a chance of making the Olympics team?

I mean, without dedicating my entire life to perfecting something like swimming, and not needing a lot of natural ability or training that embodies everything in the Olympics. Something that Australia suck at beyond comprehension that by default, I would weasel my way into the team. Purely because no one else tried out. My reasoning basically implied, how many people are really trying out for our national water polo team?

This prompted me to try and find some obscure Olympics sports that I could enter... unfortunately I didn't find anything that I could just waltz into (...yet), but I did find this list of strange sports that were once an Olympic sport:

  • Water motorsports (1908)
  • Lacrosse (1904, 1908)
  • Jeu de paume (1908)
  • Croquet (1900)
  • Basque pelota (1900)
  • Rackets (1908)
  • Roque (1904)
  • Tug of war (1900-1920)

  • Read more:

    Perhaps I will train really hard at my tug of war skills, or maybe even become a Croquet master in case one of these makes a sudden come back. 

    Yep. That's it. Tonight I'm hitting the gym hard to work on my Croquet. 

    Rio De Janeiro 2016. Look out. I'm coming for you. 

                                 (Above: 2016 projected image of me competing in Brazil)

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