Monday, 30 July 2012

Funkoars Support

All right, so like with lots of things in my life I start them and never go back to them… thankfully I have a little more drive with music than I’ve had with this blog! Lol.

I have a pretty big catalogue of things to discuss with hat I’ve been up to recently with music, so I think I’ll extend them to a few posts but first thing first:

SUPPORTING THE FUNKOARS  (yep. Little ol’ me and THE Funkoars)

This was a little bit of an up and down with the promoter calling me and offering me the spot… then calling back and saying there was not going to be any local supports, then a few weeks later calling me back to re-offer the spot to me. I have to say I'm very glad that he called back. As with all support slots they the deal is basically you get to play, but you have to sell pre-sale tickets. Not that Funkoars tickets were hard to sell, but still you have to actual do the legwork to move the tickets.

The night itself started for me at sound check. Rocked up to Dj Reflux with 3 mics in hand rapping Funkoars songs because no one else had turned up for sound check… things like: “I hate my group, I hate, hate my group” were thrown in between verses… me and the sound guys had a pretty damn good laugh.

Anyway, this show was great for me in many different ways. Not only did I get to open up for/meet the Funkoars, I got to play a hometown show for the first time in years, and when I looked out into the crowed I was in awe of how many people had gotten in early to see me play. I swear though half of the people there went to my high school (Frankston) at some point hahaha. Check out some pictures from the night below: All photo's were taken by Dylan Nie you can find his blog here

The other supports for the night included Maundz, Briggs and Backyard Funk.
What a fantastic night.
I THEN however got up for work the next day to proceed to just clean shelfs and the windows for about 8 hours.

“Last night, rocking out with the Funkoars,
Day light, 8 hours mopping down floors,
Yeah I rap, but I still need this day job,
Making music in my time off…!”

Yeah, my job is pretty brain taxing. 

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