Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kryptic News

Latest news....

First of all - My next gig will be on the 26th of April at the Northcote Social Club with Chance Waters and Mind Over Matter.

Tickets through me are only $12, so please email me on if you want a cheaper pre-sale ticket!!

I know I've been pretty absent lately, both online and in person. This will often give the impression I'm a recluse or I'm not doing anything anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I've just been busy. Damn busy. I always new that doing things by yourself would be a lot of work, and I new it would take more time and money than my best estimates, but my best estimates were not even close.

I took a break from playing shows purely to be able to try and finish off my album. How ever, the only difference now a few months later is that I passed on some great shows and still have no finished album. That being said, that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything!

My last post on here, I regretted posting, but then I realised that if that's how I felt then that's how I felt. It's all real and nothing should be considered a sign of weakness; It's all raw, it's all real.

A fortnight ago I threw my hat back into the live music ring playing at IDGAFF for Aural Pleasure hosted by Skandel and Rorshank. I love performing and I always have. Weather I'm on the mic, the drums or the keys, it's the highlight (or should be) of any musician. I think that's why I was loosing some motivation, I just hadn't been up there in a while.

The night was pretty damn fun, got to see some underground guys that I've never had a chance to go and see, broaden my connections, and gave it a chance to showcase my skills to the side of the Melbourne hip hop scene that knows me as:

"That guy who stole 'Cryptic's' name".
 (Little do they know I've been playing gigs under the name Kryptic since 2006, but that's beside the point, and another argument entirely).

One comment I wanted to bring up however:

"After recently twice supporting Chance Dylan Waters, the Funkoars CW and TZU, what are doing there???"

Two things:

1. It's great that my latest Wheeling's and dealings haven't gone unnoticed! And that some form of recognition is slowly coming in.

2. I played there because I love performing. I love live music, and I needed it.


                 Album is still coming, just hit a lot of snags that I'll fill you in on when I'm able to... 

Come and see me, Chance and Mind Over Matter on the 26th! 



  1. Good to always see you on that hustle bro. Looking forward to your stuff! MC