Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dancing In The Rain

Wanted to share some thoughts with you... things that I don't know how to put into a song. Just random scribbling...

The feeling of passion it fades,
when i contemplate every single delay,
and today, I say fuck a release date,
I'll bootleg it just to get it out i mean for fucks sake

Most of these people are just wasting my time,
can't pick up there phone or send a reply?
every night, when i sit down to write,
my mind goes blank, thinking of saying goodbye

But This is MY LIFE, my dream, not yours,
they'll understand in due course,
but for now, its just me, just this,
just me… all I have is this... emptiness

Feeling like a failure lately,
stress building up, cutting like a razor maybe,
its just me, just another pessimist,
thinking any of it really matters, what a touching sentiment

I think I've felt like this before though...


A song that's always meant a lot to me, "Dancing In The Rain" by Blu and Exile is the best way I can describe how music's been making me feel of late. 

Not gonna lie, I'm stressing about this album, and about all the delays, trials, tribulations and set backs. 

I've been saying it's nearly done for months now... 

I've hardly written anything in months, in fact, I'm struggle to find a reason to write a new song (shit, I NEVER thought I'd be thinking that)

I never thought anything could squash some of the passion and enthusiasm I had for the mic, but these last few months have been doing their best. 

Without going into to many details, I need to re-discover what made me start writing music in the first place. 6, 7 , 8 years ago, or how ever the fuck long it's been. 

 I'm struggling to remember what that is.

Anyway, fuck it.

"Askin' me how I think my projects progressin' and shit
I say cool but the truth is I'm stressin' a grip
Cause it's hard to make music when this depression exists
They say use it as inspiration, the best of them did
But as the Mc I can't handle this pressure for shit
And if you ask me stress is a bitch
My girl needs more attention
And my record label is desperate for hits
Now I'm pissed cause I'm gettin' out the zone again
Makes me start to dread when I see a microphone
It ain't supposed to be like that
I said I'll be right back
I left the office, got a phone and called my partner Jack
And I asked him, remind me why I'm rappin'?
And right before he answered I remembered my passion in the past
When I was scribblin' in my tablet to box out my mom and dads scrappin'
To help me when my grandmother passed
Plus the many times I was homeless
And the times when I was broke
And this music made a way when I was hopeless
He told me to remember the rain, it'll diminish the pain
He told me not to ask him again cause I know

Don't nobody wanna dance slow in the rain" - Blu 

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