Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Album Update

....are you ready for the new era????

I'm writting this sitting next to my engineer and producer whilst we are going over vocal takes for selection, shit is starting to get real. For real, for real..... for real.

For those of you who don't know, I've been slaving away at my debut album for a while now. And by a while, I mean ages. And by ages, I mean most of my life. lol.

Just wanted to keep people up to date with its progress. Aaron Rodgers is producing the album, and its being record at CMD Records by head engineer Matty J.
We're approximately 9 tracks into the initial recording progress, and I'm aiming for 13 tracks on the album (Lucky number 13) with beats coming from all over the world. SO far on the album we have beats by:

Engineer (Canada)
Twist (Germany)
One Tone (USA)
Fons (USA)
Creed Birch (Australia)

As it stands, the album will have guest appearances from DiktionOne, Twist, Flip Simmonds with more TBA when they are confirmed.

If you have made it to any of my recent shows, you would have heard me playing a few of these tracks, ranging from soulful samples to orchestral bangers. They way these tracks have been received live is incredible, and I can't wait to be able to share them with you all.
Release dates are yet to be announced, but rest assure this will be out as soon as possible, no one wants this to come out more than I do!

Matty J and Aaron Rogers working hard on some vocal edits!

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